Vagabond Bowties

Born from classic tradition * Raised on American style * Made with repurposed materials

Vagabond Reborn

Vagabond Re-Borns

The Re-Born series is the culmination of our relentless expeditions to vintage stores, archival clothing collections and specialty sales. We strive to acquire the most interesting and impeccable objects—that, without our intervention, would be lost to history. Preparations for these ties includes a complete cleaning, repair and steam-creasing.  The result is an up-cycled artisanal fashion element—reflecting the daring individualist spirit of brovado and a social adventure esthetic that you have come to expect from us. 

Length matters—whether you're six feet four or five feet six, the tip of a traditional neck-tie should hit right at your belt-line. A cravat should hang tight above the navel.

Vagabond Re-Borns come in two unique styles—the traditional Necktie and, the shorter, Cravat style. Please read the descriptive text, accompanying each item, for material details, length and style attributes.