Vagabond Bowties

Born from classic tradition * Raised on American style * Made with repurposed materials

Vagabond Bowties are offered in these Styles

The 4 P’s of VAGABOND Style

PERUSING Your Vagabond

  • Strap The flat portion of the tie that wraps around the neck.
  • Leaf    The portion of the tie that will make up the folded part of your bow.
  • Neck   The curved portion between the leaf and the tail.
  • Tail     The end of the tie that makes up the end of your bow.
  • Panel The color/pattern of a particular side of a tie, consisting of the strap, leaf, neck and tail. Each Vagabond has four (4) panels offering the wearer the utmost versatility in fashion prospecting, with four wearable variations.
  • Knot   The center portion of your bow that makes the “tie” hold together.
  • Face/Show Panel   The panel that is visible as the bow on the front of your tie.

PREPARING Your Vagabond 

The first step to enjoying your Hand made, one-of-a-kind, Vagabond Bow Tie is to size it to your neck.  If you do not know your neck size, you can use a cloth measuring tape or any piece of string, fabric, etc. to loop once around the collar of your neck.  The Strap of your tie needs to be about 2½ to 3 inches longer than your neck.  For example a neck size of 16 inches should have a strap that is approximately 19 inches long from Leaf to Leaf.  Your personal preference on sizing will need minor adjustments to achieve the perfect bow that you desire.

PRESENTING Your Vagabond 

There are variations to tying a bow tie, whether Righty or Lefty, or even this crazy butterfly technique a woman showed us in upstate New York.  Using the traditional method that is outlined below, the Panel of the tie that is on your right will become the Face or Show Panel.   Conversely, the strap on the left panel will be the Knot.  Another trick to get the most wear out of your tie is to put a twist in the Strap on the back side of your neck.  This will allow you to get twice as many Knot and Face variations from your Vagabond.

PRESERVING your Vagabond

Your tie may be wrinkled after several presentations—from being thrown in your luggage or pitched on the back of a chair. To remedy this, you can iron your vagabond on a medium setting with steam or a light mist of water. DO NOT USE STARCH—it may discolor your tie or leave a residue.  If your tie needs cleaned we recommend spot cleaning with a gentle detergent such as Woolite© or professional dry cleaning is a safe option.

 Instructions on How To Tie a Bowtie