Vagabond Bowties

Born from classic tradition * Raised on American style * Made with repurposed materials

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase Vagabond Bowties wholesale for my retail location?

Vagabond Bowties is proud to work with retailers across the county. To date, we have partnered with approximately 34 stores in 16 states. Visit the “Partner With Us - Vagabond Wholesale” drop down menu for complete details or email us at

Can I order multiple bow ties that are the same?

Each of our ties is unique, thus it is not possible to order multiple ties that are the same. However, You can submit a custom order. Please visit the “Vagabond Heritage Custom Shop” under the “Shop Vagabond Products” drop down menu or email us at

How much is Shipping?

Vagabond shipping is ALWAYS FREE, with our complements for retail purchases, to the continental United States via the United States Postal Service .  International  shipping will be pro-rated.