Vagabond Bowties

Born from classic tradition * Raised on American style * Made with repurposed materials

Vagabond Organics

An auspicious balance between structure and chaos—concept and execution—playfulness and formality*; Vagabond Organics are fashioned from traditional tie Interlinings.   These interlinings are usually made of brushed wool or wide-weave poly-blends. When possible, remnants of the margin and structural hemline have been preserved to enhance the design and manufactured aesthetic.

Essentially Vagabond Organics are dispensable, a characteristic we seek to change via our up-cycling achievements.  The material attributes allow you to paint dye or enhance the tie and personalize as you see fit. 

Be the change you want to see in the world…Vagabond Organics.

(*) quoted excerpt credit Idris Mootee