Vagabond Bowties

Born from classic tradition * Raised on American style * Made with repurposed materials

The Vagabond Heritage Custom Shop


The Vagabond Heritage Custom Shop transforms that special piece of fabric or clothing from your heritage; Grandpa’s flannel shirt, your college gear, coveted concert t-shirts, hunting clothes, child’s first outfit or dress, wife’s recreational attire …from before the kids were born!  We will create a priceless wearable keepsake.  Contact for complete details. Vagabond cannot be responsible for any clothing item(s) mailed, lost, damaged or otherwise irretrievable. 

The Vagabond Heritage Custom Shop has created incomparable one-of-a-kind bowties for select clients—transforming personal items and family heirlooms into genuine Vagabonds.

Respect your Vagabond…and it will age gradually like a summer’s stacked woodpile…awaiting the first winter frost.

There will never be another bowtie exactly the same as this one…we guarantee it!  

The Vagabond Woolie’  

Vagabond Knit Ties are hand-made from 100% American produced wool.  Please treat me as you would any natural fiber.  Hand wash me gently in mild PH balanced shampoo or one teaspoon white vinegar and warm water.  Rinse in warm water and gently squeeze out excess water and lay flat on a towel and fold over to absorb the excess water.  Lay flat to dry or your Woolie can be dried in dryer on medium heat in a small net garment bag.  This Woolie’ has been washed and dried two times.

Vagabond Souls

Good for the soul and good for the soles. Handmade from repurposed 100 % wool. These inserts naturally warm your feet in the winter and cool them in the summer, providing aeration with each movement of the foot. Machine washable.

Vagabond Re-Borns

Reflecting the progressive spirit of modern times, the Re-Born series is the culmination of our relentless expeditions to vintage stores, archival clothing collections and specialty sales. We strive to acquire the most interesting, impeccable, and resourcefully engineered ties—that, without our intervention, would be lost to history. Preparations for these ties includes a complete cleaning, repair and steam-creasing.  All Vagabond Re-Borns are presented in an impeccable gift box.  The result is an up-cycled artisanal fashion element—reflecting the daring individualist sprit of bravura and a social adventure esthetic that you have come to expect from us.

Vagabond Organics

coming soon

Vagabond Artisanal Ampoule

(Custom Vagabond Bowite up-sue one-of-a-kind presentation contour of interior finished with vintage velvet insets) coming soon